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Crystal Lake Park Wards CLP has two Wards. The Boundary Lines can be confusing. So who lives in Wards 1 & 2?

WARD 1 — All residents whose addresses are on these streets are in Ward 1: Bedford Drive, Bopp Road, Crystal Drive, Grandview Drive, Lakeview Drive, Mattox Court, South Drive, and Spring Drive.

These addresses on Country Club Drive, East Drive, and Oak Drive are also in Ward 1:

11908 Country Club Drive
11920 Country Club Drive
11928 Country Club Drive
11948 Country Club Drive
11954 Country Club Drive

2101 East Drive
2104 East Drive
2106 East Drive
2107 East Drive
2110 East Drive
2112 East Drive
2113 East Drive
2116 East Drive
2121 East Drive
2122 East Drive
2126 East Drive
2129 East Drive

2104 Oak Drive
2114 Oak Drive
2123 Oak Drive
2126 Oak Drive
2130 Oak Drive
2131 Oak Drive
2132 Oak Drive

WARD 2 — All residents whose addresses are on these streets are in Ward 2: Croydon Walk, Cleek Court, Derby Way, Divot Drive and Putter Lane. The Willows is in Ward 2.

 These addresses on Country Club Drive, East Drive, and Oak Drive are also in Ward 2: 

11802 Country Club Drive
11902 Country Club Drive

2133 East Drive
2134 East Drive
2137 East Drive
2138 East Drive
2141 East Drive
2142 East Drive
2144 East Drive
2145 East Drive
2148 East Drive
2149 East Drive
2151 East Drive
2152 East Drive
2155 East Drive
2156 East Drive
2157 East Drive
2158 East Drive
2159 East Drive
2164 East Drive   

2137 Oak Drive
2138 Oak Drive
2143 Oak Drive
2146 Oak Drive
2147 Oak Drive
2150 Oak Drive
2153 Oak Drive
2154 Oak Drive
2158 Oak Drive
2159 Oak Drive
2162 Oak Drive
2168 Oak Drive


Demographics at the City Data web site

CLP Population growth from the U.S. Census: 

 1940:  95 1950: 167 1960: 307 1970: 356
 1980: 496 1990: 506 2000: 457 2010: 470 2020: 465

There are 180 homes and 45 condos in CLP.

In 2012, CLP was rated the third best place to live in Missouri coming in behind Brentwood and Clayton.  The article is attached below.

Area Map via Google

Vehicle Sales Tax info for CLP Residents

Street Preservation Plan  
In 2012, the City entered into an agreement with Farnsworth Group for Street Analysis and Engineering Consultation.  During the spring and early summer, Farnsworth analyzed and rated all of our streets.  Their report is attached below.  

Based on this report, the City developed a Street Preservation Plan which involved cleaning and filling cracks followed by two coats of sand slurry sealer.  In September 2012, Bedford, Cleek, Grandview, Lakeview, Oak, Putter, and the short dead-end section of South Drive were treated. In June 2013, the same treatment was given to Country Club, East, Crystal, and Spring Drives.  (This is exclusive of the streets in The Willows which were done in 2011 and refreshed in 2015.)  In 2013, curb replacement and crack filling was done on Divot Drive.  In July 2014, Divot Drive was milled and resurfaced completing the work panned in 2012.  In July 2014, Missouri American Water began installing a new water main on the west side of Putter Lane.  It was completed at the end of 2014.  In August 2015, minor patches were made on several streets.  In 2017, MSD Contractors replaced drain pipes on Divot Drive and a small section of the street was repaved.  In 2018, Cleek Court is scheduled to be resurfaced in addition to making minor patches on other streets.

The Lodge in Des Peres--Although CLP is in the Des Peres Zip Code, it is not part of the Des Peres tax base, so CLP residents do not qualify for the resident's rate if they  join the Lodge.  However, day passes available for non-residents at a nominal rate.   Click here for more information.

 See Census 2010 Data on Crystal Lake Park attached below.

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