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Utilities and Services

Always call before you dig: 1-800-DIG-RITE
AmerenUE  1-800-552-7583
Ameren's Residential Energy Efficiency web site
Ameren's Outage  web site.  
Customers can follow Ameren on Social Media:
A copy of Ameren's Whom to Call card is attached at the end of this web page.  Laminated copies are also available from the Communications Coordinator.

If your street light is out, please call Ameren at 1-800-552-7583 and give them the street address and the light pole’s tag number, for example, 2146 Oak Drive, Pole #45948. Most poles also have a CL number  A list of pole numbers and street addresses is included in the 2019 CLP Directory and attached below.
Note: Ameren has new rebate programs for 2016.  
  • Get cash back to upgrade your heating and cooling system.  Up to $500 for a Central Air Conditioner ;  Up to $900 on an Air Source Heat Pump;  & Up to $2,000 on a  Geothermal Heat Pump.  Visit to find a participating contractor
  • Get  a rebate on variable-speed or multi-speed ENERGY STAR certified in-ground swimming pool pumps.  You can pocket $350 when you purchase a new qualifying model!
Gas:  Spire (formerly Laclede Gas)  1-800-887-4173 
   Call Before You DIG:
Here's a link to MO American's Alerts page:
MODOT (Missouri Department of Transportation)--maintains state highways such as Lindbergh Blvd in St. Louis County.  Citizens can report problems on their web site: 
Electronics Recycling—Earth Circle Recycling, 1660 S. Kingshighway, St. Louis, Mo 63110  Phone: 314-664-1450.  Hours: 8:00 a. m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Saturday.  There is a nominal charge for some monitors and TVs.  Check their website for details:
Solar Energy--For information on Solar Panels and Community Solar Panels, consult these manuals created by Let's Go Solar:


Mail:  Post Office 

1015 Grupp Road, Des Peres, MO 6313, 314-966-3437

CLP Streets:  Crystal Lake Park has a part-time Street Commissioner.  The City solicits bids and contracts with independent companies for maintenance projects.  Some street repairs are made by utility companies such as Missouri American Water for water main breaks.  With the exception of The Willows, all streets were resurfaced between 2012 and 2014.  In 2015 & 2016, minor patches were made to several streets, but none were closed completely.  The Willows manages its own streets which were last done in 2015.  CLP also contracts for snow removal.  See Snow Policy below.
Snow / Ice Removal Policy:  In anticipation of bad weather, the city's contractor treats all streets  in advance.   The contractor will plow all streets after several inches build up and a final cleanup plowing and salting of all streets will be done after all precip has stopped. 
     --Jim Link, CLP Street Commissioner 636-590-6197, or by e-mail: 
PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE STREET when bad weather is forecast so the streets can be salted and plowed efficiently and safely.  Thanks.
Trash: Waste Connections (formerly Progressive Waste Solutions & IESI): 
Customer Service 636-321-2100 (8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday) or call Residential Dispatch 636-321-2105.

District Office: 196 Northwest Industrial Court, Bridgeton, MO, 63044

If you have a smart phone, you can download their free app WasteConnect from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Mondays--Yard Waste pickup for all Customers--year round service!
Place in brown paper bags or in containers labeled "Yard Waste."  Brush can be bundled in 4 foot lengths; no more than 50 pounds per bundle.  NO Plastic Bags.  Christmas trees are picked up with yard waste in January.  Please do not put them in plastic bags.
Tuesdays--Trash & Recycle pickup for CLP Customers.  See PDF file below for materials accepted for recycling. 

Wednesdays--Trash & Recycle pickup for The Willows Customers.  See PDF file below for materials accepted for recycling. 
Fridays--Trash pickup for Customers subscribing to two pickups per week.

Large Item pickup--The charge for a large item is $25, but residents MUST CONTACT Waste Connections at least 24 hours in advance  to schedule it.  Additional large items can be picked up at the same time for $25  for each additional item.

Large Appliance pickup--The charge for a large appliance is $25, but residents MUST CONTACT Waste Connections at least 24 hours in advance  to schedule it.  Additional large items can be picked up at the same time for $25  for each additional item.

Appliances with Refrigerants: “By law Progressive Waste Solutions cannot take banned items to the landfill.  Appliances containing refrigerants will not be collected by Progressive, unless such appliances have been certified in writing by a professional technician to have had all such refrigerants removed.”  

If your pickup was missed, please call  Customer Service 636-321-2100 or call Residential Dispatch: 636-321-2105.  They usually make a special pickup. 

Progressive's Holiday Schedule (During the weeks in which any of the following holidays occur, the schedule will shift service by one day following each holiday)

New Year's Day              Labor Day
Memorial Day                Thanksgiving Day
Independence Day      Christmas Day

When one of these holidays falls on a Saturday or Sunday, IT DOES NOT affect service during the week.

NOTE: It is possible that for safety reasons, Waste Connections will not run any residential collection trucks after a large snow or ice storm.  If so, like a holiday week, everything will roll forward one (1) day that week. Therefore, Monday’s scheduled pick-ups will happen on Tuesday, Tuesday’s work will roll to Wednesday, Wednesday to Thursday, etc.

Progressive Waste Solutions (formerly IESI) has been CLP's waste management provider since 2012.  The contract was put out for bid in 2015 and Progressive was awarded a two-year contract with an option for an additional year.  The Table below has been updated with the prices for 2015-2018.  

CLP subscribes to two trash pickups per week in Hunter Park for Park refuse.






One pickup per week





Two pickups per week





95-gal trash container rental per mo, optional*





Annual Increase / Decrease    





65-gal recycling cart included free***





*At he October 26, 2020 meeting, the Board of Alderpersons voted to exercise the optional year in 2021.  The contract will be put out for bids in 2021 for the years 2022-2024.
            **In 2019, the monthly charge is lower than 2018
            ***Additional trash containers and/or recycling carts can be rented for $3.00 per week each.

Residents are billed quarterly; on-line payment is available:

To facilitate recycling pickups with the truck's automatic arm, please leave at least three feet clearance between their recycling cart and mailboxes, cars, trees, etc.  Also, the open side of the bin should face the street and the hinged section should face away from the street.

Please note: Do not put any plastic bags in recycle carts.  Styrofoam & #6 plastic containers are also prohibited.  For a full list of items allowed / prohibited, see the info sheet on Accepted Materials for Recycling attached below.

Glass shards--Residents can help reduce glass shards on our streets by placing their glass containers in a paper bag before putting them in their recycling carts.

For a fun lesson in recycling, check out the recycling for kids lesson at
Thanks to James Timpson in the UK who saw the recycling information on the CLP web site and recommended this site.

Hazardous Household Waste (HHW): 
 A Permanent HHW Facility has been established replacing the one-day HHW drop-off events St. Louis County Health Department used to sponsor.  The first drop-off site is located on the grounds of the Lemay Waste Water Treatment Facility, 291 E. Hoffmeister , St Louis MO 63125.  In 2015, St. Louis County opened 
the North County HHW Facility at 4100 Seven Hills Drive, St. Louis MO 63033.  

Residents must make reservations on-line or via phone (314-615-8958).  A flyer is attached below.  Complete information is available on their web site
Disposal of medications that are no longer needed

There are periodic Drug Take Back days sponsored by the DEA and local Police Departments.  There are also several locations with year-round Drop-Off Points.  The closest one is:

Ladue Police Department, 9345 Clayton Rd., Ladue, MO 63124 (314-933-1214)

Here's a link to all locations in our area: Prescription Drug Drop-Off Locations

Free Weatherization Assistance Program--
Community Action Agency of St. Louis County (, 2709 Woodson Road St. Louis, Mo. 63114      314-446-4436  See Flyer below.


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