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August 3, 2020 St. Louis County COVID-19 Update

posted Aug 3, 2020, 9:43 AM by City Clerk
August 3, 2020
St. Louis County COVID-19 Update
Voting During COVID-19
In advance of Tuesday’s election in St. Louis County, the St. Louis County Department of Public Health has partnered with the St. Louis County Board of Elections to improve safety for voters and poll workers.
DPH has provided 50,000 masks, 50,000 bottles of water, 2,000 floor stickers for social distancing and enough alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer and signs for all 200 polling places. DPH experts also have consulted with the St. Louis County Board of Elections on its plans for voter safety. Please remember the following: 
  • Masks are required in all polling places. Bring your own mask if you can, but if you don’t have one, a free mask will be provided by poll workers.
  • Observe social distancing and please stay six feet apart while waiting to vote. Water should be available if you have to stand in line outdoors.
  • Any St. Louis County voter can vote in any county polling place, thanks to the Board of Election’s technology. If your assigned polling place is crowded, you may cast your ballot at any other polling location. A complete list of  polling places can be found here, or by visiting the St. Louis County Board of Elections website.
UMSL’s Community Psychological Service launching new group for adults recovering from COVID-19
The Community Psychological Service at the University of Missouri–St. Louis is launching a new rehabilitation group for adults recovering from COVID-19. “Recovering from COVID-19” is a psychosocial rehabilitation group designed for adults, ages 50 and older, who are recuperating after extended hospitalizations of three or more nights. The weekly sessions, beginning at 9:30 a.m. next Tuesday, Aug. 4, are designed to help them do that.
Ann Steffen, a professor of psychological sciences specializing in geropsychology and behavioral medicine, is developing and supervising the group, which will use evidence-based strategies in-line with emerging best practices across the nation. The group will be co-led by advanced graduate students in the doctoral program in clinical psychology.
Sessions will focus on helping patients and their families stay connected and motivated to do their rehab exercises, as well as provide assistance for improving sleep, managing pain and dealing with the cognitive symptoms that have been associated with COVID-19. The most common brain health concerns include problems with mental fogginess, the ability to focus and memory. For more information please email or call 314-516-5771.​