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June 11, 2020 - St. Louis County Department of Public Health COVID-19 Update

posted Jun 11, 2020, 9:43 AM by City Clerk

June 11, 2020


St. Louis County Department of Public Health COVID-19 Update


COVID-19 Testing Expanded

St. Louis County’s Department of Public Health is expanding its criteria for public COVID-19 testing. Starting Monday, June 15, anyone who has frequent or close contact with people outside of the household may get a test, including those who have no symptoms of COVID-19 and no known exposure. Tests are available at two Department of Public Health clinics: John C. Murphy Health Center in Berkeley and South County Health Center in Sunset Hills. Tests are given at no cost to the patient regardless of insurance.

Early in the pandemic, DPH testing capacity was limited to people with symptoms and those who had come in contact with carriers of COVID-19. The increased ability to offer tests has allowed the expansion of testing criteria to focus on containment. DPH is specifically targeting those who may have COVID-19 without experiencing symptoms, and who may unknowingly spread it to others.

It’s important to remember that even if you don’t think you’re at risk, you should still consider getting tested to protect others. The goal is to detect cases among people who are likely to spread the infection. These individuals include those who work directly with the public, such as medical and residential facility workers, grocery store employees, food service employees and other front-line workers. Early detection in those without symptoms will allow us to take steps to reduce further the likelihood of transmission. Testing is available by appointment only. Please call 314-615-0574. DPH has the capacity to test at least 150 individuals per day, with results available within 48 hours.

The St. Louis County Department of Public Health also provides primary care, dental, mental health, substance use treatment and a wide variety of other services at our clinics.  Adding to the ongoing services at North Central and South County clinics, the John C Murphy clinic will resume all patient care on Monday. DPH is currently accepting new patients and will work with any county resident, regardless of their ability to pay. Serving over 35,000 County residents every year, DPH is here to assist residents by providing access to necessary medical care.


Contact Information


The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services hotline: (877) 435-8411. St. Louis County COVID-19 website