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Splash Pad Rules

posted Jun 5, 2019, 4:17 PM by Jonathan Carey-Voris   [ updated Jun 4, 2021, 11:28 AM ]
Splash Pad Rules--Updated 6-4-2021

   A. To prevent slipping and falling while using the Splash Pad, it is strongly recommended that children wear rubber soled shoes.

   B. Please do not play in the rocks and in the rain garden.  The stones and plants are there to manage the water run-off.  Throwing stones onto the playground can damage the rubberized surface.

   C. Parents: Please supervise your children while in the Park and on the Splash Pad.

   D. Presently the Splash Pad is set to operate from  8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Play but be Safe.  Thanks.

Since the Splash Pad  is new, there is a learning curve for us all.  Because there have been instances of children falling on the wet concrete, the City recommends that children wear rubber soled shoes.  It was intentionally stated as a recommendation rather than a requirement.  The City does not have a person to monitor the safe play of children in Hunter Park; that is the obligation of parents.  This alerts parents to the risk and recommends a way to minimize that risk.  If parents choose not to follow this recommendation, it is on them.

As for as staying out of the rain garden, that is just common sense. A sign should not be needed.  Unfortunately, numerous children have been playing in the rain garden, disturbing and throwing the gravel and trampling the plants.  The gravel was carefully and intentionally placed there to manage the water that comes off the Splash Pad.  Often, parents are present, but do not direct their children to play in a safe and appropriate way.  For that reason, a sign has become necessary.  

With rights come responsibilities.  Among those responsibilities are the duty to play in a safe manner.  Another duty is to avoid damaging property.  While the shoe issue is within the discretion of parents, preserving the integrity of public property is non-negotiable.  Regrettably, it is proven that reminders of those responsibilities are needed in the Park.

For All questions about Hunter Park and the Splash Pad, please contact Park Commissioner Peg Crockett or 314-809-3762. Thanks.