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Write-In Candidate – Ward 1 – April 6, 2021 Municipal Election

posted Mar 2, 2021, 9:27 AM by City Clerk

Write-In Candidate – Ward 1 – April 6, 2021 Municipal Election

 The City has an open seat for Alderperson in Ward 1 for the upcoming April 6, 2021 election. Since no one filed for the election, the St. Louis County Board of Elections will accept write-in candidates for the open position. On Election Day, Ward 1 voters can write in the candidate of their choice, including themselves. The Board of Elections will count all write-in votes and will certify the results to the city. After the Board’s certification, it is up to the Board of Alderpersons to determine whether candidates are qualified and who is elected. 

 At the February 22, 2021 Board of Alderpersons meeting the following process was approved in terms of Write-In Candidates:

  1.  The City Clerk shall determine which candidates are qualified by law to serve. To qualify for office, a person must at least 21 years old, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Ward 1 since at least April 6, 2020.
  2. Of those candidates qualified to serve, the City Clerk shall then contact the recipient of the most votes cast to determine whether he or she is willing to serve. If the leading qualified candidate (most votes cast) is willing to serve, he or she will be accepted as the new Alderperson for Ward 1.
  3.  If the leading qualified candidate is not willing to serve, the City Clerk will contact the next qualified candidate based on number of votes cast to determine their willingness to serve, and this process may be repeated until a qualified and willing candidate is identified. 
  4. If no candidate is both qualified and willing, the office will be deemed vacant, and it will be filled by the mayor’s appointment with the Board of Alderperson’s consent.

 Any qualified Ward 1 residents who are interested in running for the open seat are encouraged to write their name on the April 6, 2021 ballot and ask fellow residents in Ward 1 to do the same. Should you have questions, please contact the city clerk at or 314-993-1160.

All residents whose addresses are on these streets are in Ward 1:  Bedford Drive, Bopp Road, Crystal Drive, Grandview Drive, Lakeview Drive, Mattox Court, South Drive, and Spring Drive.

These addresses on Country Club Drive, East Drive, and Oak Drive are also in Ward 1:

11908   Country Club Drive
11920   Country Club Drive
11928   Country Club Drive
11948   Country Club Drive
11954   Country Club Drive

2101     East Drive
2104     East Drive
2106     East Drive
2107     East Drive
2110     East Drive
2112     East Drive
2113     East Drive
2116     East Drive
2121     East Drive
2122     East Drive
2126     East Drive
2129     East Drive

2104     Oak Drive
2114     Oak Drive
2123     Oak Drive
2126     Oak Drive
2130     Oak Drive
2131     Oak Drive
2132     Oak Drive