Starting in 2011, two Newsletters will be published: Spring (May/June) and Winter (December/January).  The February 2015 issue was mailed to residents on February 11th and has been posted in 2012-2016 Newsletters.  The next one is planned for early 2016.

Newsletters are mailed to residents via the U.S. Postal Service and electronic copies are then posted on this site.  A few residents have elected to receive their copy via e-mail.  Please contact the Communications Coordinator if you would like to receive future issues via e-mail rather than in your curb-side mail box.

If a link to a web site should fail, try copying it and pasting the text into your browser's address bar.  If an e-mail link fails, create a new message and copy and paste the e-mail address into the To address box.  Please let the Communications Coordinator know about any problems.   

CLP Residents are invited  to contribute news, stories, events, memories, photos, recipes, accomplishments, inspiring stories, family secrets, hidden treasure maps, etc. Please contact: Lisa Mason 395-4444 ( or Jonathan Carey-Voris 567-0588 (

The Archive includes Newsletters from 2009-2010.  Some older ones are available.  Contact the Communications Coordinator if you are interested.

Things Change . . .  so some e-mail addresses and links in older issues may have changed.  Please contact the Communications Coordinator for assistance.

In addition to these printed Newsletters, the Communications Coordinator also sends periodic e-mails to all residents on the e-mail Distribution List.  New neighbors, City meetings and events, street work and other topics are included.  Please contact the Communications Coordinator if you're not on the list or have a new e-mail address.