City Staff
City Clerk Angela McCormick993-1160 
 Asst City Clerk / Recording SecretaryJonathan Carey-Voris 740-1361 
Treasurer Lea Ann BennettCall City Clerk 
City Planning ConsultantEllen Rottjakob
Building Commissioner     Jared Reid
Building InspectorJon Jespersen
Sewer Lateral Coordinator Jim Griffin 994-9861  
 City AttorneysPaul Martin/William Kistner
Call City Clerk 
Communications CoordinatorJonathan Carey-Voris 740-1361
 WebmasterLydia Sanders Call City Clerk 
Seasonal Events Coordinator Lisa Mason 395-4444


 Title Name Phone
 Street Commissioner  Jim Link636-590-6197
 Park Commissioner Peg Crockett 809-3762
Police Commissioner Elizabeth Allen328-5895

City Clerk
–- maintains the city's records,
supports the Mayor, Board of Alderpersons, other Boards and Commissions, and residents by obtaining services for the City and managing vendors, handles day-to-day bookkeeping duties, schedules meetings, answers residents’ questions, and issues occupancy permits.  The City Clerk is also the keeper of the Seal of the City of Crystal Lake Park.  
The CLP City Clerk has an office at Frontenac City Hall, 10555 Clayton Road.  Generally, office hours are Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.  You can e-mail the clerk at You may also phone at 993-1160.  The City Clerk can also be contacted by mail at:  P.O. Box 31338, St. Louis, MO 63131. 

If the Clerk is not available when you call, please listen to the complete voice mail message.  Contact numbers for CLP officials who can help with specific issues, such as inspections and planning are listed at the beginning.  At the end of the message, you can leave a message.
Recording Secretary –- attends City meetings taking and transcribing minutes in the City Clerk’s absence.
Treasurer –- oversees the city's finances, prepares the annual budget and works with the audit firm, and submits monthly reports to the Board of Alderperson.
City Planning Consultant-- acts as a consultant on planning and zoning matters and assists the City in implementing its Comprehensive Plan.  The City Planner is also responsible for reviewing applications for Architectural Review Board and Variance hearings, reviewing the building plans submitted, and providing ARB and Board of Adjustment with written evaluations of these plans and recommendations.  When needed the City Planner attends the Board of Alderpersons meetings and submits a monthly report, as well as attending P&Z/ARB meetings and Board of Adjustment meetings.
Building Commissioner / Inspector -- enforces Municipal Codes, issues Building Permits, makes Occupancy Inspections, inspects building projects, consults with residents on repair and upgrade projects.  The Building Inspector attends the Board of Alderpersons meetings as needed and submits a monthly report.
City Attorney -- provides legal advice on City business to the Mayor, Board of Alderpersons, and other Boards and Commissions.  The City Attorney attends the Board of Alderpersons, P&Z/ARB, and Board of Adjustment meetings, writes Bills/Ordinances, and represents the City in all legal matters.
Communications Coordinator -- gathers and maintains resident information for the City Directory, maintains an e-mail distribution list and a mailing label spreadsheet, sends e-mails to residents, updates the bulletin board and the City’s web site in conjunction with the City Clerk, and Webmaster, gathers information for Newsletters, promotes City events, and advertises City meetings as required.  The Communications Coordinator attends the Board of Alderpersons meetings and submits a monthly report.
Seasonal Events Coordinator -- plans and coordinates  community events such as the annual Egg Hunt in the spring, the Picnic and Halloween Parade in the fall, and Visits from Santa in December.   The Events Coordinator is also part of the Newsletter team.

Sewer Lateral Coordinator--coordinates applications for CLP's Sewer Lateral Program.  Before August 2016, this was handled by the Building Commissioner / Inspector.

Webmaster -- designs and maintains the web site making updates as needed in conjunction with the City Clerk and Communications Coordinator.

Street Commissioner -- monitors the state of CLP streets and Boland Bridge, addresses immediate street problems, makes long range plans for major street repairs, and issues permits to the vendors that perform the work.  The Street Commissioner attends the Board of Alderpersons meetings and submits a monthly report.  Jim Link was appointed at the September 2017 Board of Alderpersons meeting.  
Park Commissioner -- monitors the state of  CLP's Hunter Park, addresses immediate problems in the Park, maintains a schedule for annual maintenance, maintains a long range planting plan, and manages the City’s Commemorative Tree Program.  The Park Commissioner attends the Board of Alderpersons meetings and submits a monthly report.  Please report Park issues to the City Clerk
Police Commissioner -- monitors the City’s safety, works with the Frontenac Police and Fire Departments to report problems and obtain special support for CLP events as needed throughout the year.  The Police Commissioner attends the Board of Alderpersons meetings and submits a monthly report.