Planning and Zoning Commission / Architectural Review Board

The P&Z / ARB meets at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Thursday of the month, but only if there are plans to review or zoning issues to address.

Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commission

The P&Z is empowered to hear, consider, and render recommendations on any matter involving applications of or changes to the City’s zoning code per Chapter 89, RSMo. It consists of  eight voting members and one non-voting member, the latter of whom is a member of the Board of Alderpersons. Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board. The Commission meets on the second Thursday of the month, when there are agenda items to address.

Architectural Review Board (ARB)

The ARB consists of the members of the City's P&Z Commission. The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the P&Z are also Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson respectively of the ARB which reviews and approves all new construction and certain exterior changes to existing structures to ensure that buildings and structures are erected to conform to certain minimum architectural standards of appearance and to the surrounding natural environment and existing structures. The Board meets on the second Thursday of the month, when there are plans to review.

The P&Z Commission and ARB consist of eight City residents and one non-voting representative from the Board of Alderpersons. They are scheduled to meet on the second Thursday of the month. At present, the Commission/Board will only meet when there are plans to review or agenda items to address. The Communications Coordinator will post announcements and Agendas on-line, on the community bulletin board, and by community e-mail when a meeting is scheduled.

Members are appointed to four-year terms by the Mayor with confirmation by the Board of Alderpersons.

The City Planning Consultant attends P&Z / ARB meetings and provides professional advice on issues before the Commission and Board, but does not have a vote on such issues. For information regarding the P&Z / ARB please contact Ellen Rottjakob (314-488-6043).

The City Attorney also attends the meetings and provides legal advice as needed.

The process is described in the brochure Zoning Review Process, which was mailed to residents with the April 2011 Newsletter and is posted on the Forms/Permits page. To schedule an Architectural Review, please submit the Application for Architectural Review form, which can be found on the Forms/Permits page. 

Links to the Training Presentation, Design Guidelines and the Zoning Code.