Vehicle Sales Tax

(updated November 2023)

When licensing a vehicle, buyers are charged Missouri state sales tax which is 4.225% plus local sales tax depending upon which city they reside:

Local Sales Tax for Crystal Lake Park is 4.0130 % which is lower than surrounding Municipalities.

Local Sales Tax for Frontenac and Des Peres is 5.2630 %
Local Sales Tax for Town & Country is 4.7630 %

The total tax for a new car purchase for CLP residents is State Tax Rate: 4.225% plus Crystal Lake Park Tax Rate: 4.0130% =Total: 8.238%

Data source: Missouri Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Bureau
Local Sales Tax Rate Chart (This file is updated quarterly)

Tax rates are reviewed in odd-numbered years.

Site code of 0412 must appear on CLP resident's personal property tax receipt verifying CLP residence.  It is important to verify that sales tax for CLP is being charged when licensing a vehicle. 

CLP will receive a portion of the local sales tax as long as the resident can show that the personal property tax receipt has a CLP code.  If a resident discovers they were assessed local sales tax for a city other than CLP, the DMV will refund their money.

Check this website to learn more:

MO Department of Revenue Sales Tax Estimator: