Planning & Zoning / Architectural Review Board

Agendas are posted here, on the Announcements web page, and on the Bulletin Board on Country Club Drive at least 24 hours prior to meetings.  Minutes are added to the Agenda file after they have been approved by the Board.  Minutes are usually approved at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.  Notices of Public Hearings are published fifteen (15) days in advance in the St. Louis Countian.

The P&Z / ARB meets on the second Thursday of the month at the Frontenac Municipal Complex (10555 Clayton Road), but only if there are plans to review or agenda items to address.

In 2012, the P&Z / ARB  met in May, June, July, September and November.

In 2013, the P&Z / ARB did not meet in January, March, April, July, August, September, October, or November.

In 2014, the P&Z / ARB  had only two meetings on April 10th & June 12th

In 2015, the P&Z / ARB had only one meeting on November 12th

In 2016, the P&Z / ARB met in February, April, & November*.  But it did not meet in January, March, May, June, July, August, September & October.

*There were two meetings in November on 11-10 and 11-17 because the ARB requested addtional information from the applicants.

In 2017, the P&Z / ARB had only one meeting on May 11th.

In 2018, the January 8 meeting was canceled due to inclement weather.  It was rescheduled and held on February 5.  It did not meet March-July, but met in August. It did not meet in September-December.

In 2019, the Board met in January, but not in February.

In 2020, the P&Z/ARB met on September 17, 2020 and November 17, 2020.

In 2021, the P&Z/ARB met on January 14, 2021, March 18, 2021, August 12, 2021 and October 14, 2021.

In 2022, the P&Z/ARB met on January 13, 2022, March 10, 2022 and April 14, 2022. The July 21, 2022 meeting was cancelled.

In 2023, the P&Z/ARB met on March 9, 2023, June 22, 2023, August 24, 2023, October 12, 2023 and November 9, 2023.

Beginning with the November 17, 2016 meeting, the P&Z / ARB meetings will begin at 7:00 p.m.

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