Public Safety

Police, Fire, and EMS

Crystal Lake Park contracts with Frontenac for Police, Fire, and EMS services.

(A PDF file with printable contact phone labels is attached at the bottom of this page. Laminated cards with contact information are also available at the Bulletin Board on Country Club Drive.)

  • Non-emergency Police Dispatch: (314) 737-4600

  • Frontenac Police, Fire, & EMS Emergency: 9-1-1

  • National Poison Control Center: 1-800-222-1222

Home Alarm Monitoring Program

Frontenac Police offer a home alarm monitoring program. For information, visit the Frontenac web site.


Fireworks are not permitted in St. Louis County or Crystal Lake Park

Please observe the ban on fireworks. It is enforced by the Frontenac Police. There are many free public fireworks displays on the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and New Years. Be Safe: Leave the Shows to the Pros!

BB Guns, Air Guns, etc.

Firing BB Guns, Air Guns, etc. is Illegal in Crystal Lake Park

SECTION 210.285: DISCHARGING AIR GUN, ETC. "Any person within the limits of this City who shall discharge any BB gun, spring gun, paintball gun or air gun or shall shoot any pebble, bullet, slug, arrow or other hard substance by means of a sling, crossbow, rubber band or bow or any other means shall be deemed guilty of an ordinance violation."

Parents are asked to be on the lookout and to speak to their kids about the danger of using BB guns and similar devices. This web site has some excellent ideas and safety tips for BB guns, paintball guns, air guns, etc.


Section 600 of CLP's Municipal Code requires each solicitor / peddler to have and wear an ID card issued by the City Clerk and they can only work between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. (Central Standard Time) and 9:00 A.M. and 9:30 P.M. (Central Daylight Time).

The application for the ID card is in the Permits, Forms & Procedures section on CLP’s web site.

Area Police Departments have recently reported a ploy that "solicitors" / "burglars" use--especially in the daytime. They watch for people leaving their homes, especially around lunch time. They then knock or ring the door bell to see if anyone answers. If not, they will try to get into the house. If someone answers, they present a bogus business card or brochure claiming to be soliciting for business, a charity, or selling products, etc. They also use this technique at other times and not just when they see someone driving away from home.

Residents can post No Solicitor signs on their front doors. (A PDF file with printable No Solicitor/Peddler cards is attached at the bottom of this page; and laminated cards are available at the Bulletin Board on Country Club Drive.)

Frontenac's E-Newsletter

Subscribe to Frontenac's E-Newsletter-- Keep up-to-date on Frontenac safety tips from the Police and Fire Departments. To enroll in the City's e-mail database, email City Clerk Leesa Ross,, with your name and email address.

Subscribe to Alerts from Frontenac Police Department--Residents can also subscribe to can subscribe to the Nixle Instant Alert System which provides instant advisories, and notices via text message and/or e-mail about crimes, water main breaks and other urgent issues. To sign up for alerts from Frontenac PD, go to:

Residents can go to to see current alerts and advisories or sign up to receive alerts from several agencies in our area.

9 Volt Batteries Can Be a Fire Hazard

A 9 volt battery can be a potential fire hazard. It only takes one metallic object; something like a paper clip, key or bit of steel wool touching the battery's posts to fuel a fire. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends keeping batteries in their original packaging until you are ready to use them. If loose, keep the posts covered with masking, duct, or electrical tape to prevent them from coming in contact with metal objects. A NFPA safety poster is attached below.

Leash Law

Crystal Lake Park’s Ordinances include a Leash Law that prohibits allowing pets to run at large.

If you observe an animal nuisance which you deem to be a dangerous situation or if you wish to see the owner cited and are willing to sign a complaint, please contact Frontenac Police who will take the necessary course of action. You also have the option of contacting St. Louis County Animal Control who will come and pick up the nuisance animal. Officers from either agency will enforce our leash law ordinances as well as assure humane treatment of the animal.

You can contact these agencies at the following phone numbers:

  • Frontenac Police: (314) 737-4600

  • St. Louis County Animal Control: (314) 615-0650

  • Pet Safety--Heat Warning

The Humane Society of Missouri reminds us that pets left in vehicles during the summertime heat – even with the windows cracked – can quickly be overcome by the heat and die. When the outside temperature is above 70 degrees, the temperature inside a car can reach more than 100 degrees in just a few minutes. A copy of the alert cards that the Humane Society provides is attached below.


There are coyotes in St. Louis County and there has been an occasional sighting in CLP. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has a lot of information about them:

The MDC's article "Humans and Coyotes: Living Together, St. Louis Region" is no longer available on their web site. A copy is posted below. Link to MDC's article on "Urban Coyotes."

Link to MO Department of Conservation's contacts for St. Louis County:

On Christmas morning, 2013, a coyote was spotted behind 2300 Divot Drive. However, it did not get over their fence. One was observed at the same address in November 2016.

In December 2013, CBS News reported that coyote attacks are on the rise in St. Louis County. A copy of this article is attached below.

Severe Weather Alerts

A lot of information is available on hazardous weather. Please stay tuned to television, radio, weather radio, and internet sources for the latest news on road conditions, school closings, etc. Click here for the National Weather Service Outlook . You can enter the zip code of your location or destination to get current conditions and the seven day outlook. A Winter Storm Safety Checklist is attached below.

Having a NOAA Weather Radio is strongly recommended. Even while you’re asleep or otherwise unaware of the weather outside, you will be alerted to rapidly changing and potentially life threatening weather – including tornadoes!

The State Emergency Management Agency has set up a web site to help inform and prepare Missourians for severe weather. It includes detailed videos on how to take shelter in specific types of buildings, important information about tornado sirens and weather alert radios, and links to severe weather texting services that can alert people across Missouri to upcoming severe weather. Check it out at:

Keep in mind that the weather alert sirens are designed to warn people who are outside to take shelter. They are not intended to warn people inside buildings. Sirens are tested at 11:00 a.m. on the first Monday of the month. The test is canceled, however, if there is inclement weather. On March 3, 2015, there was a state-wide test of the warning system.

Missouri Summer Weather Safety Week

The National Weather Service, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, and the State Emergency Management Agency have joined together to promote Missouri Summer Safety. This web site has important safety information that can save peoples lives.

Please help spread the word about excessive heat and lightning safety so everyone can have a safe summer. A copy of the NOAA Heat Card with information on how to handle heat emergencies is attached below.

Police, Court, and Other Information

Link to Missouri Court Case Records: CaseNet

Personal Property Inventory Sheet

Better Business Bureau BBB

The Frontenac Police Blotter is published around the first of the month for the previous month. Note: the file name changes every month. Go to and search for "Monthly Police Log"

Frontenac Police Department's home alarm monitoring program.

Frontenac Police Department's Vacation Watch program. Call them at 314-994-9300 or submit the form on their web site:;id=16

What to do in Active Shooter Situations

Link to six minute video “RUN! HIDE! FIGHT!,” created by the city of Houston on how-to survive a shooter event. It was created with funds from the Homeland Security Department. This video is somewhat graphic, so please do not allow children to view it.

See related articles attached below: "Active Shooter Advice" and "Active Shooter Pocket Guide."

September is National Preparedness Month

Everyone is urged to have an Emergency Plan and Emergency Kit. For information on this, go to

Another helpful site is: Natural Disasters: A Guide For EmergencyPreparation

Education and Emergency Training

A nine-week class is usually held once a year in the spring. In the past it has met on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm at the Creve Coeur Police Department and neighboring police agencies. Topics covered include constitutional law, criminal law, traffic enforcement, DWI investigation, criminal investigation, police weaponry and weapons safety. All participants will have the opportunity to complete a police ride-along, police role-play, and shoot police pistols in the firing range. For more details, go to the Creve Coeur web site.

The academy is open to all residents 18 years or older. A criminal background check of all applicants will be completed, and a waiver must be signed. Contact the Creve Coeur Crime Prevention Officer at 314-442-2075 for more information or complete the application online. Click to register online.

The next nine-week class begins on Wednesday, March 4th from 7 to 9 p.m.

March & April 2020. For more information contact:

Detective Timothy Duda at 314-373-6536 / - or

Officer Jeremy Newton at 314-373-6512 /

Advanced Citizens Police Academy

A series of special sessions with speakers from other areas of law enforcement such as the US Marshall's Office, FBI, US Postal Inspectors, and the St. Louis County SWAT Team. The most recent session was held from September 17 to October 8, 2013 . To enroll, please fill out the online form. For more information, please contact Crime Prevention Officer Grace Fico at (314) 442-2075.

This class introduces citizens to the CERT program and is open to all people regardless of their age or physical ability. This five week program, which is usually taught in the fall, gives students training in: Disaster Preparedness, Fire Suppression, Disaster Medical Operations, Light Search and Rescue Operations, Team Organization, Disaster Psychology and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Upon completing all blocks of instruction and a mock disaster drill, trainees will receive disaster supplies and a certificate of completion. It is taught through the Creve Coeur and Town & Country Police Departments and other local agencies.

The most recent CERT classes will be held at St. Louis Community College, Wildwood Campus in January & March 2020

This training is free but registration is required. Call 314-984-7777 to sign up. Tell them that you want to register for EMSS 715 - Community Emergency Response Team Training

Community Emergency Response Team Training (CERT) is a series of classes that prepares you to help yourself, family, coworkers and neighbors in the event of a crisis in your community. Through this interesting eight-week series of classes, participants learn about emergency preparedness and receive training in basic response skills such as fire safety, team organization, terrorism, disaster psychology, disaster preparedness, light search and rescue and disaster medical operations. Through a partnership with local emergency responders who are trained professionals and CERT trainers, you will learn life-saving skills! Once the eight classes are completed, training will conclude with a full-scale disaster exercise (off-site) that will put what you have learned to work in a real-life tornado simulation.

EMSS:715 | 9 sessions | NO FEE

P01 W 6:30-10 p.m. Jan. 22-March 11 | Flo Valley Firehouse #I
Sat 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. March 21 | Eureka Fire Dist Training Ctr

P02 Th 6:30-10 p.m. Jan. 23-March 12 | WW, 220
Sat 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. March 21 | Eureka Fire Dist Training Ctr

P03 W 6:30-10 p.m. March 25-May 13 | FV-TC, 110/116
Sat 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. May 16 | Eureka Fire Dist Training Ctr

P04 Th 6:30-10 p.m. March 26-May 14 | WW, 220
Sat 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. May 16 | Eureka Fire Dist Training Ctr

Register online: or by phone: 314-984-7777

You will learn how to prepare for disasters such as Earthquakes, Floods, Tornadoes, etc. Subjects covered include: Basic First Aid, Disaster Preparedness, Fire Extinguisher use, etc. To learn more about CERT visit Eureka Fire District web site at

St. Louis County's Office of Emergency Management also has information about preparing for emergencies:

Map Your Neighborhood (MYN)

This initiative was started in Washington state in response to earthquakes and other disasters. It is being promoted in Missouri by the Missouri Seismic Safety Commission and the presentations are sponsored by the St. Louis Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The state of Missouri, however, is not funding it.

Each family should have an emergency plan and an emergency kit. An Emergency is something handled by police, fire, ambulances, etc. whereas a Disaster is an event that overwhelms the normal emergency network and requires individuals to help themselves and their neighbors.

The concept is for neighbors to work together to define a manageable "Neighborhood" (10-20 homes, apartments, condos). They create a physical map of their neighborhood. Then they hold a meeting to compile a contact list with phone numbers and define things such as a gathering site, a site for caring for the injured, etc. They also assign roles based on abilities, physical limitations, etc. and identify individuals with special needs (e.g., wheel chair bound, on oxygen, etc.). There is a packet of cards the call a “shingle” that each family fills out. One of the things in this packet is an “OK” sign and “HELP” sign which would be placed in the front window in case of a disaster. When teams (more than one person!) go door-to-door to check on their neighbors, they visit homes with a HELP sign or NO SIGN first and eventually cover all of them. Print the OK-HELP window sign file attached below to have on hand for emergencies.

The “shingle” is a multi-sheet form printed on card stock and is expensive to print up. Filling it out essentially creates a neighborhood’s Emergency Plan. It’s not available for download, but is available for $2 each.

A key part of MYN is defining the skills and equipment neighbors have that could help in a disaster—chain saws, generators, weather radios, emergency band radios, carpenters, nurses, etc. St. Louis County Library has an MYN Kit that can be checked out. It includes a DVD to show at the meeting. Go to and search for “Map Your Neighborhood.”

Links for more information about Map Your Neighborhood: