Board of Adjustment (BZA)

Agendas are posted here, on the Announcements web page, and on the Bulletin Board on Country Club Drive at least 24 hours prior to meetings. Minutes are added to the Agenda file after they have been approved. They are usually approved at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. Notices of Public Hearings are published fifteen (15) days in advance in the St. Louis Countian.

The Board of Adjustment (BZA) meets on the fourth Thursday of the month, but only when a resident or property owner has requested a Variance from the City's Building Code or is appealing a decision made based on interpretation of the Building Code.

Only two BZA meetings were held in 2011. The Training Session held on May 24th was the first meeting in 2012; the Variance hearing on June 28th was the only other BZA meeting in 2012. No BZA meetings were held in 2013.

In 2010, meetings were held in March, June, and October. In 2009, the Board only met once in May. Please contact the CLP City Administrator (314-993-1160) for Minutes of meetings prior to 2009.

In 2014, the BZA met only one time on October 22nd.

In 2015, the BZA had no meetings.

In 2016, the BZA met only one time on January 28th. The meeting planned for December 22nd was canceled.

In 2017, the BZA meeting scheduled for January 26th was canceled. The only meeting was on June 22nd.

In 2018, the BZA had no meetings.

In 2019--the Board did not meet in January or February.