Hunter Park

Phase 1 of the Master Park Plan was completed in December 2015. The Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held in conjunction with the Annual Egg Hunt on March 26, 2016.

On November 13, 2017. Crystal Lake Park was approved by the Municipal Park Grant Commission and was awarded $212,477 for Phase 2 Improvements to Hunter Park.

At the February 5th Board of Alderpersons meeting, Jay Wohlschlaeger from SWT Design presented details about Phase 2 of the Master Plan which will include grading the south meadow to improve drainage, installing a splash pad, creating a rain garden, and adding an electrical source for events in the Park. Several residents attended to learn about these plans and to support this important step for improving the Park. The Board formally approved the development of Phase 2. The next step will be to solicit bids from contractors and then select a contractor from the bids submitted.

Remember: the new playground surface is designed to reduce the risk of injury from falls, but it can be damaged by high heels, cleats, skateboards, hover boards, roller blades, bicycles, scooters, etc. Please do not use these on the surface.

In early 2016, a park bench was installed in Hunter Park to pay tribute to Dottie Hunter, a long time resident of Crystal Lake Park. The bench was donated by friends and family to honor Dottie's memory.

At the March 31, 2014 Board of Alderpersons meeting, the Board passed Resolution 2014-38: A Resolution naming the park located on the west side of Putter Lane, north of Country Club Drive “Hunter Park.” This is in recognition and thanks for all that the Hunter families have contributed to Crystal Lake Park. A copy of the Resolution is posted in the Resolutions section of Municipal Resources. A formal naming ceremony was held at the CLP Picnic on September 6, 2014. Vince Hunter, Jr., Mayor Phillip Bryant, and former Mayor Jerry Fabian spoke and a framed copy of the Resolution was presented to Vince and Dorothy Hunter.

At its June 27, 2017 meeting, the Board of Alderpersons passed Resolution 2016-80 supporting the Grant application by agreeing to provide a five percent (5%) match to the funds granted for Phase II.

On January 16, 2015, the Municipal Park Grant Commission of St. Louis County announced the award of grants for twenty-five projects. Crystal Lake Park’s application was approved and we will receive $262,455 for Hunter Park Phase I. A copy of the approval letter is attached below.

CLP will continue working with SWT Design for planning and implementing Phase II which they helped plan.

The City donated the old playground equipment to Kids Around the World (KIDS), a not-for-profit corporation based in Illinois. It will be installed at a location TBD. Photos will be shared when it's completed. (Previously, it was slated to be installed in Jamaica, but a donor donated new equipment for that project.)