Archived Newsletters

The most recent Newsletter is February 2015 which was mailed to residents February 11, 2015. It has also been posted here. During 2016 and 2017 news of CLP activities has been sent via e-mail Blasts which are sent approximately twice a month. Because of this, printed newsletters have been phased out.

Residents are asked to help by submitting information about new babies, new neighbors, new pets, good deeds, photos, accomplishments, treasure maps, etc. Please contact the Communications Coordinator if you're not on the list or if you have a new e-mail address.

Jonathan Carey-Voris at 314-740-1361 or e-mail

If a link to a web site should fail in the PDF version, try copying it and pasting the text into your browser's address bar. If an e-mail link fails, create a new message and copy and paste the e-mail address into the To address box. Please let the Communications Coordinator know about any problems.

Things Change . . . so some e-mail addresses and web links in older issues may have changed. Please contact the Communications Coordinator for assistance.